Established in July 1999, College of Environmental and Resource Sciences (CERS) was formed by the reunification of corresponding departments, research institutions, offices and centers from former Zhejiang University, Hangzhou University and Zhejiang Agricultural University. CERS now consists of three departments (Department of Environmental Science, Department of Environmental Engineering, and Department of Resource Science), eight research institutes (Institute of Environmental Health, Institute of Environmental Processes, Institute of Environmental Technology, Institute of Environmental Ecology, Institute of Environmental Pollution Control Technology, Institute of Agricultural Remote Sensing and Information Technology Application, Institute of Agricultural Chemistry, Institute of Soil-Water Resources and Environment), one National Experimental Teaching Center, as well as one Environmental Impact Assessment Laboratory, with a total teaching and research area of 25,000 square meters.

CERS now has 127 standing faculty members, including 46 professors and 53 associate professors, among whom 63 are doctoral supervisors and 41 are master’ s supervisors. Seven experts enrolled in the State “1000-Talent Program”. Five professors enrolled in the MOE Cheung Kong Scholar Program. Six professors received National Natural Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars, and five received National Natural Science Funds for Outstanding Young Scholars. One scholar enrolled in the State “New Century Talents Project”, and one professor was awarded the Young and Middle-aged Experts with Remarkable Contributions. Two professors were named “Distinguished Experts in Zhejiang Province”. There are also eight Distinguished Visiting Professors, and seven scholars enrolled in the “100-elite Program” of Zhejiang University. In addition, CERS is currently home to 37 post-doctoral scholars, 624 full-time graduate students (including 246 doctoral and 378 master’s students), as well as 338 undergraduates.