The 9th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry Was Convened Grandly.


On the morning of October 20, 2017, the opening ceremony of the 9th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry was held in the gymnasium of Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University. Thousands of experts, scholars and conference representatives from home and abroad, including 21 academicians, came to the picturesque ancient city of Hangzhou and gathered at 120-year-old Zhejiang University to initiate the grand meeting of environmental science. The opening ceremony of the conference began with the performance of the Wenqin Art Troupe. The theme of this National Conference on Environmental Chemistry is "Innovation and Sustainable Development of Environmental Chemistry", which is to fully embody the purpose of the conference "Innovation, Participation, Cooperation and Prospect". It aimed to continuously promote the development of environmental chemistry discipline, boost the cooperation of academic research at home and abroad and accelerate the scientific construction and talent cultivation for environmental chemistry.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Yan Jianhua, Vice President of Zhejiang University, and Professor Song Yonghua, Vice President, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the university.

In his speech, Song Yonghua affirmed the important role played by the environmental chemistry discipline and the National Conference on Environmental Chemistry. He said that the National Conference on Environmental Chemistry, as a grand meeting of the highest standard in the field of environmental chemistry, has laid more cornerstones for China's environmental protection and played an important role in protecting the ecological environment, human health and sustainable social and economic development. Zhejiang University, as a comprehensive, research-oriented and innovative university with distinct characteristics and great influence at home and abroad, also has a deep root in the field of environmental science. Song Yonghua expressed his sincere thanks to counterparts at home and abroad, including all the experts present, for their support and help in the development of the university's environmental science. He hoped that all the teachers and students in our school would cherish the opportunity of this conference to learn from and consult the experts, and also asked the leaders of the experts to leave their valuable suggestions to help promote the development of Zhejiang University and its environmental science.

Fang Min, Director of Zhejiang Environmental Protection Bureau, Professor Zheng Suping, Secretary General of the Chinese Chemical Society and Professor Wang Chunxia from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, attended the meeting and delivered speeches that fully affirmed the importance of the National Conference on Environmental Chemistry and wished it a complete success.

Professor Jiang Guibin, President of the conference, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a speech and announced the opening of the conference. He said that compared with previous sessions, this conference is unprecedented in scale and is a high standard academic feast in our country. He reminded the participants to be aware of the inadequacy of environmental research in China and encouraged environmental scientists to have a sense of mission and urgency. There is no time for us to wait and we have a great responsibility and a long way to go. He said that the successful convening of the conference benefited from the attention and support of the leaders of Zhejiang University, the careful planning and organizing of the College of Environmental & Resource Sciences of Zhejiang University, and dedications from co-sponsors, such as Zhejiang University of Technology, Zhejiang Gongshang University, Zhejiang Normal University, magazines like Environmental Chemistry and J.Environ.Sci., and etc. He hoped that this conference would be recorded in history as previous ones, and solemnly declared the 9th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry open.

At the opening ceremony, academician Wei Fusheng was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award of environmental chemistry, which was set up for the first time, for his outstanding contribution to the field of environmental research and talent cultivation in China. Vice president Song Yonghua and academician Jiang Guibin jointly awarded the certificate to academician Wei.

The opening ceremony of the Frontiers of Environmental Chemistry and the POPs Series Monograph is an important agenda of this conference as well. The ceremony was presided over by academician Zhao Jincai, and Li Feng, editor-in-chief of Science Press, academician Chen Hongyuan, academician Zhang Yukui and academician Chai Zhifang attended and unveiled the book. Hao Jiming, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, David L. Sedlak, National Academy of Engineering, academician Bruce E. Logan and Professor Lin Qunsheng, Vice President of City University of Hong Kong, respectively made a report to the conference.

Innovation participates in the discussion of environment, and cooperation prospects and creates brilliance. In the warm applause of the audience, the opening ceremony of the 9th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry was successfully concluded. After the opening ceremony, the 41 sessions will be proceed in succession.

Previous ones of National Conference on Environmental Chemistry: 2002 in Hangzhou (Zhejiang University hosted), 2003 in Shanghai (Shanghai Jiaotong University), 2005 in Xiamen (Xiamen University), 2007 in Nanjing (Nanjing University), 2009 in Dalian (Dalian University of Technology), 2011 in Shanghai (Fudan University, Shanghai Normal University and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly hosted), 2013 in Guiyang (Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and 2015 in Guangzhou (South China University of Technology) Academicians present at the conference: Academician Jiang Guibin, Academician Hao Jiming, Academician David L. Sedlak, Academician Bruce Logan, Academician Zhao Jincai, Academician Chai Zhifang, Academician Chen Hongyuan, Academician Zhang Yukui, Academician He Kebin, Academician Hou Li'an, Academician Tao Shu, Academician Wei Fusheng, Academician Chris Le, Academician Zou Zhigang, Academician Chen Junshi, Academician Liu Wenqing, Academician Jerry Schnoor, Academician Derek Muir